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New AI innovations and solutions are launched by Upwork to make hiring and working easier.

by Christina
Upwork's platform.

Upwork has revealed a new range of collaborations and tools aimed at revolutionizing the hiring and working practices of freelancers and businesses. During the inaugural Upwork Updates: Spring 2024, a semi-annual product showcase, this announcement was made.

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The new AI built by Upwork called Uma is the standout feature of this Spring’s upgrade. Uma, a platform aiding organizations and freelancers in finding each other, initiating projects, and enhancing work quality, relies on advanced language models and Upwork’s platform data.

Uma-powered new features include the beta version of Best Match insights. This platform provides information like top proposals, client ratings, and alignment with job requirements to help firms quickly find the best candidates for their projects.

Additionally, Uma improves on already-available capabilities like Proposal Tips, Upwork Chat Pro, and the Job Post Generator. Customers intend to use these AI-powered tools to hire independent contractors more successfully and to help independent contractors obtain more work and operate more productively.

Uma assists clients and freelancers on Upwork with conversation more and more. Uma, which is now live on the Upwork homepage, is expected to develop into a wise and consistent companion for users as they utilize the platform.

Additionally, Upwork has added new tools to assist independent contractors stand out, land gigs, and produce top-notch work:

Upwork’s freelancer subscription program, Freelancer Plus, now offers freelancers exclusive access to Upwork Chat Pro, powered by Uma, which helps professionals increase productivity and expand their businesses. Increased visibility through Boosted Profiles gives freelancers more chances to do what they love. Portfolio, which is presently in beta, offers freelancers a more effective approach to display their work on their profile sites. Upwork Academy offers Upwork Coaching Services, which help independent contractors maximize their visibility to prospective customers. iStock by Getty Images, GoDaddy, Dropbox, Notion, and other top third-party apps and services have partnered with us to offer freelancers cutting-edge resources to help them create their best work. Increased Business Access

There are new ways for firms to swiftly get in touch with knowledgeable freelancers.

Instant consultations expedite the start and end of projects by providing firms with professional advice in a matter of minutes. GoDaddy, BigCommerce, and Constant Contact are now part of the Upwork Partner Experts program, which provides direct access to reliable independent contractors with specialized technological knowledge.

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